Again... Ban Appeal (Lunar Client) / Xavley

  • Good evening a cordial greeting to the mush staff ... again, I do not understand why your antihack insists on banging me ... they already go twice that this happens and this time it was permanent, I reiterate as I always play with the lunar client .. This case was peculiar. I used a sponga, in the air I opened my inventory and prepared soups and "BOOM" banned me ...

    Again I comment, I love playing on this server. The very good staff solved the previous problem quickly, they are grateful, but apparently they do not let me play "tryhard" consider solving this error.
    I am the only one in North America, I assume that having a lot of ping influences something.
    I do not understand take letters on the matter, previously it happened, a shame.!

    Last Ban Appel (Accepted)
    Actually Ban Appeal

    Without further ado, let me thank you, since in the previous situation they responded very quickly.

  • MushMC

    Appeal NEGADO
    Para unban:

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